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Whether you realize it or not, garage doors have a big effect on your home’s overall look and feel. This is most obvious when a garage door is weather damaged or, on the opposite end, is strikingly unique. There’s no doubt that residential garage doors are important. That’s why we trust the best in the business––here are our favorites from Wayne Dalton and CHI. 


The right doors for every home

Choosing a garage door for your home isn’t a decision to take lightly. We’ve talked before about our five-step approach for selecting a door: first choose the construction then the paneling, color, window options, and finally the opener. Just as you carefully consider your interior flooring choice or compare swatches of paint, there are dozens of choices that impact a garage door’s design. What type of manufactured door will be best for their home? And what’s the difference between Wayne Dalton and CHI? In other words, it can be complicated. 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we work with the highest quality manufactured garage doors in the business and use our experience to help clients choose the right door for them. 


Wayne Dalton residential garage doors 

Wayne Dalton manufactures some of the gold standard residential garage doors in the business. They’re crafted with quality materials, come in various designs that suit every home style, and are durable and efficient enough to withstand Central Oregon winters. Our favorite Wayne Dalton models include: 


WD 9800

The Wayne Dalton 9800 Designer Fiberglass Garage Door is an artful powerhouse. These residential garage doors have a wood-grain fiberglass surface bonded to durable steel construction. They give all the warmth and beauty of wood without the upkeep. In addition, these doors have an R-value of 7.6, which makes them efficient and effectively blocks out street noise. 

WD 6600 

The Wayne Dalton 6600 Steel Carriage House Garage Doors are as durable as they are unique. The two layers of steel, foam insulation, and DecaTrim give them an R-value of 12.12. In addition, the 11 different carriage house designs complement any home with a classic yet modern look. 

WD 8800  

We had to feature a full-view garage door (one of our favorites). The Wayne Dalton 8800 Aluminum & Glass Garage Doors have clean lines and an array of finishes. The full-view look from the top to bottom windows makes these doors incredibly versatile (some clients use them on their back patios even). The aluminum frame makes these doors durable and offers powder coat options. 


CHI residential garage doors 

CHI doors are the other manufactured residential garage doors that we trust. These doors are as beautiful as they are durable and offer unique and modern options for our Central Oregon residents. Therefore, our favorite CHI models include: 


CHI 2348

The CHI 2348 Plank residential garage doors are made of heavy-duty 27 gauge steel with two-inch-thick sections. The warm wood tones offset the durable panels for an added richness to any home exterior. 

CHI 2717

The “Sterling” garage doors mix curb appeal with durability. These doors are built to last with 24 gauge galvanized steel, two-inch-thick sections, and an R-value of 15.07. You can customize the modern, sleek appearance with the dozens of powder coat options available. 

CHI 3297

CHI 3297 Aluminum Full-View doors are durable and functional. They feature two-inch-thick hollow aluminum rails and heavy-duty aluminum sections. Above all, they’re contemporary, durable, and fully customizable (over 188 powder coat options) to every style. 


Trust Central Oregon Garage Door for your next project 

Garage doors have a big presence. This is why choosing the right one is important to your home’s overall appearance, efficiency, and resale value. The residential garage doors we trust––from Wayne Dalton and CHI––offer endless options for Central Oregon homeowners. Let’s get to work on your next project! 

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