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Like cringe-worthy fashion (read: acid-washed denim and shoulder pads) from your high school yearbook, an older garage door can make your home look dated. On the other hand, a garage door upgrade can give your entire home a fresh look, plus a few other amazing benefits. And while we can’t help you with your fashion faux pas, garage doors are all we do. 


Reasons for a garage door upgrade

Reasons for wanting a garage door upgrade can range from obvious (a gaping hole in your door) to subtle (it’s a bit noisier than you’d like). We personally think that any reason is a good one to want an upgrade. But here are the top motivations we hear most often: 



Your garage door is often a point of entry to your home or business. And older doors, though they have character, are frankly not as secure as newer ones. This is primarily because older doors often have fixed versus rolling codes, which make break-ins more likely. 



Whether choosing a manufactured option or opting for custom wood garage doors, design can play a big factor in wanting to upgrade your door. This is especially true if you’ve recently remodeled your home or your garage door shows your home’s age more than it should. 



If your door shows signs of corrosion or damage like rust, dents, or wood rot, it’s time to upgrade. Sometimes the damage is on the entire door, and sometimes it’s just a panel or two. Rather than replacing a single panel, we usually recommend a total replacement to ensure your door operates perfectly. This also helps to ensure material consistency and eliminates the need to replace other panels in the future, especially in the case of older doors. 


Top benefits from an upgrade (they might surprise you!)  

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, you might be wondering about the top benefits that make the time, money, and effort worthwhile. We think it all boils down to the following: 


Safer and more durable

Newer doors have more advanced technology (especially with openers) and more durable materials. A newer garage door is also made to last for 30-plus years, which means fewer repairs in the long run. 


Increases your curb appeal (and home’s value)

Garage doors are a huge part of your overall design and are sometimes the first thing people notice about your home. Getting a new door increases your curb appeal and raises your home’s value an estimated 88.4 percent


Sustainable and cost-effective 

A garage door upgrade means you can opt for sustainable, durable materials like wood or steel that’s been recycled for manufactured doors. Plus, new doors have better insulation, which controls temperature and reduces noise. With better airflow, you can save money on heating and cooling costs. 


Make it happen with Central Oregon Garage Door 

Whether your door is in obvious need of replacement or you simply want to change your style, a garage door upgrade has a whole host of benefits. When you’re ready, our team is here to help

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