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Garage Door Repair Service 

Our experienced technicians are able to repair any make, model, or size garage door in a timely manner. We specialize in repairing broken springs, garage door cables, door rollers, and garage door sections.


When your door doesn’t operate properly, it can be frustrating. Our technicians have years of experience building, installing, and repairing a variety of garage doors. From hinges, rollers, jamb brackets, and cables, we know garage doors inside and out. We offer service and repairs for any garage doors.

Common problems that need garage door repair

Sometimes the issue with your garage door is obvious. Other times, it could be a series of related issues causing the problem. When in doubt, call a professional to inspect your door and be sure to practice good garage door maintenance habits to prevent issues. The most common problems include:

Broken springs and cables: Springs and cables have the tough job of keeping your door operating smoothly. And they’re under constant pressure. Broken springs and cables can be dangerous, so always have a professional install and replace them.

Cracked panels: Panels can crack or break due to a number of factors, like harsh weather and accidentally backing into the door. Our service technicians have experience with a variety of different doors.

Damaged weather-stripping: Weather-stripping keeps cold winds out and contributes to your home’s overall efficiency. If it’s damaged or missing on your door, a quick replacement will add years to your door’s life.

Non-functioning opener: Automatic openers have many parts as well as electrical wiring, which can stop working due to normal wear and tear. However, because of electrical hazards, it’s always best to have a professional inspect and replace your opener.

Worn rollers: Like other garage door components, rollers become worn over time. Luckily, it’s a quick garage door repair fix before your door is good as new.

Malfunctioning safety sensors: When a door doesn’t close, it’s sometimes due to malfunctioning safety sensors–also called photo eyes or safety beams. If this occurs, our technicians can help identify the problem quickly. In the meantime, make sure nothing is blocking the sensors.


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