What kind of garage door service do I need?

Garage doors are large and have many moving parts that require maintenance. We recommend that doors be serviced annually. During a typical garage door service we do a 25 point inspection, lubricate bearings, rollers and springs, and adjust the spring tension.

What do I do if my garage door isn’t closing and the light is blinking?

There is a good chance the photo eyes have been blocked or are misaligned. Check the alignment. You should see a solid light on both sides. If you’ve addressed this problem and your door still will not close, give us a call.

What does it mean when the door only goes up a few inches?

This could be a broken spring. If the spring is broken the opener will not be able to lift the weight and it can cause further damage. One of our professional technicians can help during a routine garage door service.

What size do I frame my rough opening?

The R.O. will all depend on the size of the trim materials being used. For garage door measurements, the finished opening size is more important. Generally if you want an 8’ x 7’ door then we would want the opening framed to a finished size of 8’ x 7.’

What do I do if my garage door remotes are not working?

Many garage door openers have a lock feature on the wall button located in the garage. When engaged, this disables all remotes or keypads associated with that opener. You also may need to check the batteries located in the remote.

How do I program my door keypad?

Most manufacturers have installation manuals easily available online. Google the model number and follow the instructions. Sometimes it can be tricky so you may need the help of one of our experienced service technicians.

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