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Whatever the project, we will work with you to find a solution.

Central Oregon Garage Door provides commercial garage doors for businesses, industrial complexes, farm buildings, and all types of small or large facilities.


Wayne Dalton Commercial Garage Doors



Wayne Dalton Model K-AL Full View Aluminum Door

This model is sturdy, virtually maintenance-free, and weather resistant. The full view feature allows for increased visibility and light. And they come in a wide range of glass options and frame finishes. As well as optional insulted rails and stiles. These doors have an R-value up to 4.25, an aluminum alloy frame, and 2” section thickness. And the vinyl weather seal between sections minimizes air and water infiltration. 

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WD 5150

Wayne Dalton Model 5150 Insulated Sectional Steel Doors

These commercial garage doors have the ideal combination of strength, insulation, and curb appeal. Their patented manufacturing process has a polyurethane core that continuously foams-in-place between the outer and inner skins. The addition of the 18-gauge steel end caps give this door rigidity and the galvanized skins make it extra durable. In addition, the wide variety of colors and panel designs make these perfect for any commercial property.

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WD 150

Wayne Dalton Model 150 Thermospan Insulated Steel Commercial Garage Door

Wayne Dalton’s Thermospan® Model 150 polyurethane-insulated, sectional steel door provides excellent thermal efficiency. Featuring an R-value* of 14.16 (U-value* of .0706), the Thermospan® Model 150 is an excellent value when thermal efficiency is important, but strength, rigidity, and durability can’t be compromised. These doors are the most rigid doors available. And are the only sectional doors in the industry with patented, roll-formed integral struts. Its patented manufacturing process with a polyurethane core continuously foams-in-place between the outer and inner skins. An innovative thermal break keeps the interior skin at room temperature, preventing condensation and frost from forming in your building.

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WD 200

Wayne Dalton Model 200 Thermospan Insulated Steel Commercial Garage Door

These are the best quality and best insulated commercial garage doors we provide. The Wayne Dalton Thermospan® Model 200 provides premium thermal efficiency and low maintenance costs. Resulting in a door that costs less to own. Continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins combine to provide a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50.

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WD C-2400

Wayne Dalton C-2400 Sectional Steel Commercial Garage Door

Economical, attractive, durable, and insulated. These commercial garage doors provide reliable service for light to medium-duty applications. They are long-lasting, economical, and low maintenance doors. And feature 24-gauge ribbed steel sections in a smooth or stucco-embossed finish. A standard bottom door seal, along with optional seals on the perimeter and between sections greatly reduces air leakage. Which adds to the thermal efficiency of your building. In addition, optimal insulation consists of 1-5/16″ expanded polystyrene. Which provides an R-value* of up to 7.64 and a U-value as low as 0.13.

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WD 200-20

Wayne Dalton 200-20 Insulated Sectional Steel Doors Thermopan Model

The 200-20 model is an energy-conscious garage door that’s sleek and efficient. The continuous foamed-in-place insulation and thermal break between inner and outer skins provide the ultimate thermal efficiency. These doors also feature an R-value of 17.5, joint seals to prevent air infiltration, and 20-gauge exterior steel. Efficient and versatile, the 200-20 is the perfect option for any homeowner. 

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Wayne Dalton 884 High Speed Door

Wayne Dalton’s 884 High Speed commercial garage doors are the heaviest fabric door in the ADV-X series. Their articulating roller wind strut helps to reduce noise while operating under wind load. The durable material has an opening speed of 55” per second and closing speed of 40” per second. Increasing the efficiency of your operations.

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WD ThermoTite® 800C

Wayne Dalton’s ThermoTite® 800C Rolling Service Door

The ThermoTite® 800C Rolling Service commercial garage doors are durable and energy-efficient. And come in galvanized or primed steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. They feature foamed-in polyurethane (R-value** = 7.7; U-value** = 0.13) that helps with your building’s thermal efficiency. With easy assembly and varying style and color options, this door is perfect for any business. 

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C.H.I Overhead Doors, commercial garage doors, C.H.I logo


CHI 3236

CHI 3236 Sectional

CHI 3236 commercial garage doors are durable and efficient. The galvanized coating comes in a selection of color options. And the plain insulated windows allow for a view of operations.

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CHI 3216

CHI 3216 Sectional

Model 3216 micro-grooved commercial garage doors are both functional and durable. The foamed-in-place polyurethane keeps these doors efficient. And individually calibrated springs make sure each door is working properly. Each section conceals steel back-up plates for secure hardware attachment.

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CHI 3222

CHI 3222 Sectional

The CHI 3222 Sectionals are ribbed steel commercial garage doors. Their 20-gauge steel sections are 2” thick and hot-dipped galvanized. Insulated with steel black, they contain a 1 ½” thick polyurethane lining. Insulating R-value of 8.00. 

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CHI 3295

CHI 3295 Sectional

These CHI commercial garage doors are “full view” with windows on each panel. The durability and functionality of these doors offset the industrial-contemporary look. They feature 2” thick hollow aluminum rails with section material made of heavy-duty aluminum. In addition, a bulb seal further protects your business from air and water infiltration. 

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CHI 6242

CHI 6242 Coiling Door

These rolling steel commercial garage doors are strong and durable. The reduced sized slats on this model and integral lift rails increase its curb-appeal and useability. In addition to the dozens of powder-coat options that make these doors customizable to your business.

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MaxDock High Speed

The MaxDock High Performance Rubber Doors are low-maintenance and economical. They do not have plungers, rollers, cables, or exposed torsion springs. So these doors are incredibly efficient and make loading a breeze.

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Dock Leveler Manufacturing logo, commercial garage door levelers


DL 3200

Dock Leveler 3200 Series

The Advance Lifts 3200 Series recessed dock lifts handle pallet jacks, straddle stackers, and small fork trucks. Features include a 5 HP motor, maximum capacity of 8,000 pounds, platform size of 6’x8,’ and all units conform with applicable ANSI codes. The 3200 series is durable and perfectly sized for any project.

DL Hydraulic

Blue Giant’s Hydraulic Dock Levelers are high-performance systems that operate at the touch of a button. With welded enhanced J-beams, hydraulic deck, and lip cylinders, these systems are sturdy, durable, and efficient. Product features also include a platform that flexes 4” under load and inverted deck cylinder that self-bleeds for efficiency. In addition to a continuous one-piece headboard system that increases the deck’s overall structure.

Pioneer Lifts HP Series

Pioneer Dock Equipment’s HP Series are fully hydraulic dock levelers that are some of the strongest and safest in the industry today. Features include a heavy duty regenerative main cylinder and structure solid steel “C” channel. In addition to solid-state proximity sensors to control deck and lip functions. These features combined with their 25,000 to 45,000 pound dynamic capacities make the HP Series the durable and safe choice.


Commercial projects can vary massively from site to site. If none of the manufactured options on this page are what you’re looking for, our team is happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for your commercial needs.

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