With the tap of a screen, we control just about everything in our home. But when it comes to garage door openers, most of us have systems that are out of date and not ‘smart.’ This season, give the gift of convenience with a wifi garage door opener. 


What’s a wifi garage door opener

A wifi garage door opener, or smart garage door opener, “allows for remote control and monitoring of the garage door directly from an app on a smartphone.” Which means no more uh-oh moments of “did I close the garage door?” You can quickly check your phone for peace of mind. 

These openers work from a built-in sensor that communicates directly with your router. Which eliminates your need for a traditional controller. They also fit into your overall home automation system. So systems like lighting, heating, and security are in one place. 


Smartphone integration  

The average adult spends two hours and 55 minutes on their smartphone every day. Why not have the convenience of one more smartphone integration? A wifi garage door opener app does more than open and close your door from a distance. It can also alert you if the door’s been open too long or if someone opened it manually. And you can program it to close on a schedule, like x number of minutes after you leave the house or go to bed. 


Types of wifi garage door openers that Central Oregon Garage Door offers 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we’re proud to offer garage door openers from Linear, LiftMaster, and Genie. Below are our top wifi-integrated openers to keep your system running smoothly.


Linear LDCO 841

These ultra-smooth belt or chain drive wall-mount garage door openers come with wifi and smartphone compatibility and a self-diagnostic system. They’re compatible with the Linear PRO Access app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and HomeLink.


LiftMaster 8500w

The LiftMaster 8500w is a powerful yet quiet dc-powered wall-mount garage door opener. It includes emergency battery backup and wifi remote compatibility. And it also includes myQ Remote LED Light and Automatic Garage Door Lock to keep your door secure. 


LiftMaster 8550w

These energy-efficient and powerful wall-mount garage door openers have a multi-function wall station and 3-button visor remote controls. Their wifi remote compatibility also comes with a full suite of smart home features. 


LiftMaster 8587w

The LiftMaster 8587w is a reliable and powerful lift. This is LiftMaster’s mega-powerful 3/4 HP AC chain-drive ceiling mounted garage door opener with wifi and is the ultimate opener for heavy doors. 


Have a newer opener that doesn’t have wifi? 

Some openers offer controller kits that will convert a non-wifi opener into a wifi opener. Our team of installation experts can help you find the best solution for your garage door. 


The gift of convenience 

This year has been challenging for many, so this season should be about simplification. With a wifi garage door opener, you can gift convenience to even the hardest to buy for on your list. Contact us today to get started!

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