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Bring beauty to your home with a handcrafted wood door. Wooden garage doors are most commonly used for residential projects as a way to upgrade a home’s appearance. With the hundreds of options on the market, we know it can be confusing. But, specifically when it comes to wooden doors, what are the best options and why choose them over another material? We’ve answered that and more.  


The material dilemma 

One of the first considerations when choosing a garage door for your home is the material. The most common materials are steel, aluminum frame, fiberglass, vinyl, wood composite, and wood. 

If you want a door that’s built with layers to prevent warping, instantly upgrades your home’s value and curb appeal, and comes in a variety of stains, designs, and options, a wood garage door may just be the ticket. 


Why choose a wooden garage door?

If you’re still on the fence, consider the many benefits of choosing a wooden garage door. 


Increases resale value 

Adding wooden accents to your home—in the form of a garage door or even hardwood flooring inside—can increase the retail value “due to their elegant and classy look.” As garage doors are often one of the first things noticed on a home, these can be a major selling point (and a great first impression). 

Natural and eco-friendly 

The fact of the matter is, “wood is a renewable resource, making it more eco-friendly than most other types of garage doors.” When a wood garage door is damaged, it is much easier to simply replace the damaged panel rather than the entire door, which makes them more affordable in the long run. Plus, these doors have layers of insulation between layers of wood that improve the R-value factor (and saves you money). 

They can hold their own 

Another major benefit? Wooden garage doors are strong. Unlike steel, which can dent when hit, wood “is much less likely to dent or crack because of its hard, tough surface.” This further contributes to this door’s curb appeal. 


Our custom options  

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we pride ourselves on having countless options for our clients to choose from. When it comes to residential doors, our custom wood garage doors have to be some of our favorites. As the only garage door company that manufactures 100 percent of your door in Central Oregon, we can offer beautifully designed and versatile wooden garage door options. Plus, our auto-CAD (computer-aided design) service makes sure your garage door is the perfect aesthetic fit for your home. 


COGD promise

With so many options available, we know choosing the right garage door for your home can be confusing. Our experienced technicians and designers are ready to work with you and your builder to create a garage door that enhances your property. Choosing a wooden garage door can do just that.

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