A new garage door is a great way to transform your home’s curb appeal. But choosing a garage door that perfectly fits your style can feel overwhelming. From aesthetic to safety, you want a garage door that will withstand the test of time. Luckily, our experts know a few things about buying a garage door. Follow our five-step approach to discover everything you need to consider before making your decision. 

What to consider before buying a garage door 

Your garage door is typically the first thing you see when you arrive home—plus, it’s the largest moving piece of equipment in your home—so you want to ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing and adheres to the highest safety standards. These five steps will help you confidently choose a garage door. 

Choose your garage door construction

The first step is to select the foundation of your garage door. Do you want a standard sectional door that rides on parallel tracks or a swing-style door that opens like French doors? Galvanized steel or low-maintenance high-density polyethylene? Insulated or non-insulated? 

If you use your garage as a workshop or mixed-used space, you may enjoy an insulated garage door’s warmth and energy-saving benefits. However, if you simply store stuff in your garage, non-insulated can reduce the cost upfront. 

Select the panel design  

Now for the fun part: choosing a garage door style. Do you want a rustic wood door or a contemporary metal one? A carriage-house door or a traditional one?

Ultimately, the style you choose should match the style and needs of your home. For example, if your house is ultra-modern, a carriage house garage door may not be ideal. Instead, consider a full-view door to complement your contemporary style (and leave the carriage-house door to the Victorian architectural style). 

Pick your color  

Choosing your garage door color allows you to create a custom look that’s as unique or neutral as you like. Wood stains are perfect for achieving a natural look, while unlimited paint colors can give your home a bold accent. 

When choosing a garage door color, keep in mind that it will span a significant portion of your home’s exterior—so assess what color will improve the curb appeal and overall value over time. 

Consider window options 

Not only does adding windows to your garage door let natural light in, but it also adds to the exterior style. Like most garage door features, windows are customizable to match your home’s style. Choose from three-pane, six-pane, full view,” arched, and other customizable window types. 

Decide on your opener 

It doesn’t take much convincing to decide you need an automatic garage door opener (after all, who doesn’t want to open their garage with the click of a button?). But when it comes to choosing which type, we recommend popular openers by LiftMaster, Linear, and Genie. Our knowledgeable garage door technicians can help you choose, order, install, and repair your opener. 

Committing to your new door 

Lastly, there’s the unofficial sixth step: committing to your new door. Buying a garage door is an exciting purchase that will bring new life to your home’s exterior. When you’re ready for your new garage door, contact us. We’re here to offer advice and recommendations anytime. 

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