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Preparing to sell your home means taking an objective approach to improve its value. Curb appeal is especially important, and choosing to upgrade your garage door if your current one is outdated or damaged can entice potential buyers. Learn what garage door trends buyers are looking for and how a new door affects your home’s price. 

Upgrade Your Garage Door and Increase Your ROI

Is buying a new garage door a wise investment? The answer is yes! In fact, national data indicates that a garage door replacement gives you a return on investment of 102.7%. That means the door pays for itself and produces a 2.7% profit. 

Depending on the type, size, and material of the door you choose, the price can be anywhere from $800 to $5,500. Consider the style of your home and what the garage doors of newer houses in your area look like. If you select a door inconsistent with your house’s exterior aesthetic, it will be eye-catching—in a bad way. Ask your realtor to give you a sense of what buyers are looking for in terms of functionality. Depending on your region’s climate, it may be necessary to price garage doors with insulation and weatherstripping. 

Before shopping, decide your budget so you don’t break the bank! Ask Central Oregon Garage Door experts what buyers can add to the door so that you don’t purchase features that aren’t necessary. 

Garage Door Trends to Keep In Mind

Understanding current consumer home trends will help you make impactful enhancements to your home that buyers will appreciate. For example, replacing ‘70s shag carpet with new brown linoleum won’t impress modern house hunters who expect contemporary flooring like tactile, woven carpets and wood planks. The same goes for garage doors. Today’s models are of much higher quality than their predecessors.

In past decades, garage doors were seen as a practical feature that primarily protected cars and nothing else. If your garage door is over ten years old, made of cheap material, manually operated, has flawed functionality, or has visible imperfections, it’s time for a replacement. Here are a few trending garage doors that will wow even the pickiest buyers.

Glass Doors

Glass garage doors are all the rage. Suppose your house is modern, coastal, or industrial. In that case, we recommend 8450 Frameless Glass Garage Door by Wayne Dalton. 

An aluminum structure supports sleek glass panels while tongue-and-groove joints provide a great weather barrier, and a flexible vinyl bottom seal helps prevent the elements from coming in. 

Energy-Efficient, Durable Doors

If your home looks more traditional or is craftsman-style, and you live in an area with heavy wind, rain, or extreme temperatures, then you need a well-insulated door and highly durable materials. The 5602 Shoreline door by CHI checks all of those boxes and has the desirable carriage house appearance. The heavy-duty, galvanized steel doors are available in wood-tone accents with square or arched windows. In addition, the polyurethane insulation makes them highly efficient.

Sustainable Doors

The progress of climate change has made consumers more discerning about the products that they buy. If you replace your garage door with one made of more sustainable materials, buyers could see that as a positive selling point. We like the Canyon Ridge collection from Clopay, especially the Chevron Door, which has an extremely high R-value of 20.4. Clopay also complies with several environmental laws and regulations, and its products contain no Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Their composite cladding and overlays are UV- and moisture-resistant, so they won’t rot, warp, or crack, making this an ideal door for more extreme climates. 

Even if you buy a garage door that doesn’t fall into these trend categories, ensure your selection looks more updated and has a fairly high R-value, indicating how well it keeps heat from entering or leaving the space. A high R-value is particularly important for garages in the Pacific Northwest, which consistently experience very low temperatures and snow.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Before It Hits the Market 

Trust Central Oregon Garage Door’s experts to help you choose the perfect garage door before you sell or when it’s time for a replacement. We have eighteen years of experience serving the residential and commercial needs of Central Oregon. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you!


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