Craftsman homes date back to early 19th century England and have become a staple in American architecture. These homes are known for their old-world charm, clean, modern lines, and lodge-inspired designs, making them a highly popular choice among homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Craftsman-style garage doors are the perfect opportunity to capture cozy wood grain textures with any stain choices that show off your timeless, sophisticated home design.

What are Craftsman-Style Garage Doors?

Craftsman-style garage doors blend traditional designs with a modern flare. These manufactured doors are available in dozens of styles to suit your specific home design. Typically, they include panes of glass on the upper third of the door to allow natural light and wood material on the lower section to complement the home’s straight, modern lines.

Main Features to Consider

Central Oregon Garage Door offers an array of materials, colors, panel styles, and windows, making it easier to achieve the perfect garage door to complement your style. Consider these features of a craftsman-style home to help you determine what kind of garage door to select:

Minimalist Design

A craftsman-style home has a distinct, crafted look that is timeless yet unique. These homes look best with garage doors that complement the house’s clean lines, incorporate subtle colors, and showcase their natural beauty.

Symmetry and Balance

With a craftsman-style home comes symmetrical curb appeal, making the garage door and home eye-catching and nostalgic. Consider implementing symmetric and balanced decorative elements, such as unique hardware,to incorporate the aesthetic into every detail.


Many are drawn to our craftsman-style garage doors because of natural wood doors’ inviting, warm effect. We also offer different material options that provide additional durability and insulation and use a faux-wood finish to give it an aesthetically pleasing finish. The materials of your garage door determine the overall aesthetic, durability, and insulation.

Central Oregon Garage Door material options include wood, steel, glass, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass.


When it comes to craftsman-style garage doors, color plays a large role in determining your home’s mood and enhancing its natural beauty. We offer more than 20 color and stain options for your garage door, yet some colors are better than others when bringing the wow- factor to your craftsman home.

Mossy Green is a great choice for a craftsman-style garage door as it represents the natural beauty around your neighborhood. This color will make your home stand out without being distracting.

Stony Gray will evoke an industrial, classic feel and, when paired with the perfect decorative hardware, will make your home as sophisticated as possible.

Cedar is a common craftsman garage door color as it gives a rustic cabin feel to emphasize the home’s harmony with nature.. 

Recommended Craftsman-style Garage Doors

At Central Oregon Garage Door, your craftsman garage door style is flexible and custom, so you can design your door to complement your home perfectly. Here are some of our expert recommendations to achieve the look:

CHI 5602 Shoreline Home Build Style

CHI 5602 Shoreline

The Shoreline model from C.H.I. is a sleek, symmetrical option for homeowners that want a timeless yet unique garage door beaming in natural light. This carriage house garage comes with square or arched tops, various colors, unique window designs, and glass options. It creates a symmetrical curb appeal with repeating elements from horizontal paneling, windows, and a garage.

CHI 2583 Stamped Shaker home style build

CHI 2583 Stamped Shaker

This garage-style offers raised panel, stamped carriage house, and stamped shaker designs, with dozens of customizable options for finish and coating. Like many craftsman homes, this example combines materials by using stone, siding, steel paneling, and tinted inserts.

WD 9700 Home build style

WD 9700

The Wayne Dalton 9700 insulated steel carriage garage door is a stylish, versatile, and bold selection for your craftsman house. This carriage house design includes large windows, a wide range of colors and stain options, and bold hardware, guaranteed to make your home the neighborhood envy.

WD 6600 Home build style

WD 6600

These steel carriage garage doors are highly durable and add decorative hardware and hinges as a timeless touch to complement your home. We offer 11 carriage house designs, so you will surely find the perfect garage door to complement your home.

WD 8500 Home build style

WD 8500

This model is the best-insulated residential garage door on the market, with two layers of steel surrounding a thick layer of insulation. They come in five classic and contemporary designs, ranging from colonial to ranch to Sonoma, with a wide selection of paint and wood grain finishes. This deep walnut finish and Sonoma paneling give an earthy appeal making this a fantastic choice for your craftsman-style garage door.

Working With Our In-House CAD Designer

At Central Oregon Garage Door, our in-house CAD Designer will work with you to develop digital mockups of your unique design. This includes deciding on paint color and stain, determining exact dimensions and details, selecting materials, and showing you the finished look for custom  custom Craftsman-style garage doors.

If you want an innovative, timeless, and unique garage door, consider working with our in-house CAD Designer to bring your vision to life for your custom garage doors!

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