If the first thing you think when you hear “commercial garage door” is a plain door tucked away at the back of a building, we’ve got news for you. The Central Oregon Garage Door team specializes in custom garage doors and unique solutions for your home and business. If you need some inspiration for a spring business update, look no further! 


Custom garage doors aren’t just for residential spaces 

For over a decade, we’ve provided commercial garage doors for businesses, industrial complexes, farm buildings, and all types of small or large facilities. Our manufactured options range from rolling service doors and insulated steel to sectional and high-speed doors. But we love when a business approaches us for custom garage doors that will set their business apart. 

Whether manufactured or custom, we can recommend different material or style choices depending on your business needs. Things like steel versus aluminum or another material or if your door is consumer-facing or purely for business use. We might ask if having your door match a specific aesthetic is important to you. Or, if functionality is your number one goal. 

Whatever your business goals, here are three creative ways to use custom garage doors in your commercial space. 


Commercial doors that modernize history 

Sometimes you need to look to the past to find a little inspiration. One of the projects we are most proud of is our work with the Pilot Butte Fire Station in Bend and the Tumalo Fire Station. For these stations, we created custom doors that were durable, efficient, and kept with both buildings’ histories. 

To do so, we blended modern, durable garage door materials with stylistic choices that were reminiscent of past fire stations—such as the bright red carriage-house style for the Bend station. The resulting doors were functional enough to keep up with a fire station’s demand while beautiful enough to keep these buildings iconic. 


Let in the light 

If your commercial garage door needs are primarily consumer-facing, a full-view door can be an excellent option to stand out. The Quad at Skyline Ridge is a relatively new business campus that took the place of the former Bend Bulletin building. For this project, we adapted 26 CHI 3295 manufactured full-view doors for office units and common spaces. The custom powder-coated hardware and tracks lent themselves to the overall unique blend of contemporary and craftsman. 

Another local business that wanted to let in the light with a full-view door was Roam, a new restaurant in downtown Bend. Because the restaurant was built to use every square inch precisely, we designed the doors so they didn’t encroach into the restaurant space (including discreet hardware!). These custom garage doors also feature a countertop to create an indoor/outdoor dining experience. 


Custom wood and craftsmanship  

Even if your commercial space isn’t consumer-facing, you can still create a unique experience with a custom door. One of our specialties at Central Oregon Garage Door is handcrafted custom wood doors that can make an ordinary space extraordinary. For your business, this could be custom wood doors for a craftsman shop, an indoor/outdoor dining experience fit for a mountain town, or stealthy wooden doors that blend seamlessly with your shop’s exterior. 

The possibilities, as they say, are endless. 


Get in touch for your commercial custom garage doors 

It’s never too late to give your business the revamp it deserves. Our team can help design custom garage doors that are durable, functional, and beautiful for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate

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