The Roam project was an exciting job that put our full view glass doors front and center in downtown Bend, Oregon. A new restaurant at the Oxford Hotel, Roam wanted the three glass doors to be a showcase and focal point for their business. 

The restaurant was built so every square inch was used in a very precise layout. Because of this, our full-view doors needed to fit into a pocket area just big enough that they did not encroach into the restaurant space. In addition, the doors needed to land on top of a countertop to provide an indoor/outdoor dining experience. 

Prior to starting the project, we installed support brackets and laid out the necessary tracks so they did not interfere with the lights, plumbing, or HVAC ducting. Every detail was important in this project. At the end of the day, our Central Oregon Garage Door technicians delivered and installed a very unique and beautiful finish to the restaurant. 

A new restaurant at the Oxford Hotel, Roam

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