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We may be a motley crew of garage door technicians, installers, and builders, but we’re also artists. We love to craft exceptional and unique wood garage doors to fit a client’s home perfectly. Each handcrafted section of our custom garage door projects is made with care and attention to detail. Although it was hard to choose, we’ve put together a list of our top five favorites. 


Custom garage door projects since 2005 

When the Toney’s founded Central Oregon Garage Door over 15 years ago, they didn’t just want a business that installed and repaired garage doors (although we do that, too!). They also wanted a business that specialized in custom garage door projects to reflect Central Oregon’s beautiful surroundings. As a result, our custom projects utilize different types of wood for handcrafted frames and overlay pieces. And just like the Bend trees, no two doors are alike.  

Here are our top five


Project 1: Exotic brown 

This custom wooden door used 1×4 T&G Thermory Wood overlaid with a custom stain in “Exotic Brown.” Thermory Wood is a USA-based sustainable wood company that produces its products to have tight seams, easy installation, and be extra durable without sacrificing the qualities of natural wood. We added vertical glass going down the right side that was ½” insulated satin-etched and tempered. The result was a modern yet inviting appearance. 

exotic brown custom door

Project 2: Tight knot cedar 

Tight knot cedar gives a rustic appearance that’s customizable with different staining techniques. This residential door has a 1×6 T&G tight knot cedar rough side out face that complemented the wood on the rest of the home. In addition, we added a ½” stain etched insulated glass vertically down the left-hand side for a modern look that complemented the home’s other windows. 

custom garage door projects, tight knot cedar

Project 3: Reclaimed barn 

Our reclaimed barn door project is perhaps one of our most impressive customer garage door projects so far. The client came to us with wood removed from a barn in Idaho. The finished project was a 12’x14’ door with a 1’x8’ shiplap. Both the size and the unique wood make this door look like an upgraded, functional barn. 

reclaimed barn wood door

Project 4: Tetherow western red cedar 

Western red cedar tends to be reddish or violet-brown, with streaks from pale yellow sapwood throughout. Its even texture makes this wood appear smooth and bright. This Tetherow home’s door featured a 1×6 T&G mixed grain clear cedar D and better western red cedar. The result was a door that uniquely contrasted with the home. 

custom garage door projects, western red cedar 

Project 5: Vertical mixed grain 

This project featured a 1×4 mixed grain D and better clear cedar installed vertically on the face. In addition, we added ½” insulated satin-etched tempered glass sections vertically down the left-hand side. The result was a strikingly warm and modern door that perfectly complemented the rest of the home’s wood grain. 

vertical mixed grain door

Get in touch for your custom garage door projects! 

We’ve had decades of experience crafting beautiful custom garage door projects for Central Oregonians. These five examples showcase some of our favorites, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to give your home some unique Oregon flair, our team is ready! 

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