It’s true: a wood garage door adds natural beauty to your home’s exterior. But it also requires a little extra TLC to stay looking sharp. At Central Oregon Garage Garage Door, we’ve been building and maintaining wood garage doors since 2005. Whether you already have a wood door or are considering one, these tips will help you make the most of your investment. 

Tips for maintaining your wood garage door

Unlike metal and many synthetic materials, wood is more susceptible to the elements and requires extra attention to withstand the test of time. But with the proper care, your wood door can last for decades. 

Keep your wood door clean

Every few months, wipe down both sides of your garage door with a cloth, hot water, and regular soap. Doing so removes dirt build-up and gives the wood a new sheen. As a bonus, keeping the wood clean prolongs the life of the wood’s stain, minimizing the need to re-stain as often. 

Check the interior and exterior for blemishes

While you’re cleaning your wood garage door, check for blemishes like cracks, flaking, and mildew. Because wood is more vulnerable to water damage, any breaks in the wood and paint or stain can allow moisture to wreak havoc beneath the surface. Luckily, repairing blemishes quickly will stop any damage before it’s too late. 

Pressure wash and re-stain every few years

Pressure washing is the best way to clean a wood door. You only need to pressure wash once every several years, depending on weather damage. For example, harsh Central Oregon winters or unrelenting summer sun can take a toll on the wood more quickly. 

After washing, it’s time to give your door a fresh coat of stain. Using a semi-transparent stain on the face is an excellent way to protect the wood from significant damage and keep your garage door looking new. If you’re new to staining, you may want to consult with a professional before completing this task.  

The payoff of wood garage door upkeep 

Despite the extra maintenance, nothing quite compares to a beautiful wood garage door. Taking good care of your wood door will reduce the need for more expensive and time-intensive repairs—while also keeping your curb appeal in excellent condition. 

If you need additional help with more in-depth garage door maintenance or repairs, our team is here to help. Give us a call anytime. 

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