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Diagnosing the source of your noisy garage door can be tricky. The problem could have several sources, and it can take time to figure out which one it is! Worn rollers, bent tracks, loose parts, and unbalanced doors can all cause a garage door that squeaks, rattles, or grinds. Here are some common noises garage doors make when they are in need of a tune-up. 

Snapping from Broken Torsion Springs, Cables, or Pulleys

A garage door is the largest moving electronic feature of many people’s homes. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong with it. And safety becomes an issue when they do. Cables, springs, rollers, and pulleys allow the door to move freely up and down and to operate smoothly. But over time and use, the door can become unbalanced or broken, putting tension on other components that help it glide on its tracks. It’s sometimes possible for the torsion spring to break; in that case, you’ll know it because there will be a loud popping sound, and your garage door will refuse to lift. If that’s the cause of your noisy garage door, now’s the time to call for service and repair

Squeaking From Worn-Out Rollers and Bearings

One of the causes of a noisy garage door is rollers and bearings that need lubrication or replacement. These mechanical parts that move the door endure a lot of friction during daily use. Over time, they wear down, so the door moves less smoothly on its tracks. Sometimes it is simply a matter of tightening down bearings to stop the squeaking, while other times, they might need replacing. Tightening loose parts can help with the problem, but getting a maintenance tune-up is best to ensure the noise is not coming from a deeper cause.

Scraping or Rubbing From a Misaligned Door 

Alignment or unbalanced garage door issues usually cause a scraping sound when you press the button to open or close your door. The door is likely unbalanced and needs to be realigned on its track or repaired to prevent more damage. Garage doors are very heavy objects, and without the proper alignment, the built-in safety features cannot operate properly. Therefore, it’s crucial to call in an expert if your garage door is not opening or closing correctly.

Rattling or Slapping From a Loose Chain or Support Rails

Vibration from daily opening and closing can shake many parts loose, including the nuts and bolts holding your garage door’s track together. A rattling sound can indicate that these parts need tightening down. On the other hand, a slapping sound could mean that a loose chain needs adjustment or replacement.

A Noisy Garage Door Means It’s Time For a Tune-Up! 

It can be hard to diagnose what is causing your noisy garage door without an expert. However, a lot of noise is a sign that it’s time to get your garage door serviced by a professional. Getting your garage door serviced is an excellent opportunity to discuss repair costs and weatherproofing your garage door for winter or future garage projects. 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we go above and beyond to ensure your total satisfaction with your service and repairs. Our experienced and friendly technicians go the extra mile to meet your concerns with expert advice and a thorough understanding of the problems you are facing. Don’t hesitate to call us at 541.593.5700 to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment with us online. We’re always here to help! 

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