The indoor-outdoor mix that businesses have adopted over the past few years (even pre-COVID) offers a new experience for employees and customers alike. With outdoor-ready full view garage doors, your business can offer dining with a view, office seating with a breeze, and bring a literal breath of fresh air to your space. 


Why choose full view garage doors

Central Oregon has some incredible views. Full view garage doors give a new point of view for your business. They also: 


Provide protection: Full view doors provide additional security for your business, given their durable materials. For extra protection, you can customize these doors with shatterproof glass. They also offer additional protection (compared to floor-to-ceiling windows) from noisy streets when you need a quieter, more focused environment. 

Boost curb appeal: Full view doors are perfect for businesses like restaurants, dealerships, and other commercial facilities. In addition, the brightness and openness these extra windows add gives a business a unique and modern look. 

They’re low maintenance: Full view garage doors are framed with durable, yet lightweight anodized aluminum which make them easy to use and maintain. The powder coating added on each frame also helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Perfect for indoor-outdoor experiences: In a place as beautiful and sunny as Central Oregon, it makes sense to take advantage of the nice weather as often as possible. These doors offer that option for restaurants and other commercial facilities (even residences!).  


Our products

We have a wide range of commercial full view garage doors that can be customized as needed to your business. 



The Wayne Dalton Model K-AL Full-View Aluminum Door is sturdy, virtually maintenance-free, and weather resistant. The full-view feature allows for increased visibility and light––perfect for restaurants or office spaces. 

CHI 3295

The 3295 Sectional doors are full-view with windows on each panel. The durability and functionality of these doors offset the industrial-contemporary look.


Past projects with full view garage doors 

As always, we think showing these doors in action is the best way to highlight their capabilities. 


The Quad

You may have read our blog last month on The Quad, but this project is the perfect example of full view doors used tastefully in a commercial business. The dozens of CHI doors made for an incredible blend of contemporary and craftsman. And they brightened up what could have otherwise been a typical office space. 


Bledsoe Family Winery 

Throughout the Box Factory, you can see the Central Oregon Garage Door team’s installations. The Bledsoe Family Winery location utilized Wayne Dalton K-AL full view aluminum doors for increased visibility and light (plus protection from the elements) for a uniquely Central Oregon tasting room experience. 


CHI enclosed patio

Who says full view garage doors are only for business? Our enclosed patio project for a Bend resident who wanted to bring light and openness to their patio. The full view aluminum doors from CHI helped to get more use out of the outdoor space.


All your commercial garage door needs

From sectional to rolling steel to high speed, we’ve got the commercial doors for every business. If you have a restaurant or office space that requires a versatile door that’s protective and opens up to Bend’s views, full view garage doors are a perfect choice. Let’s get to work on your next project!

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