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There are a lot of moving parts that spring into action when you press that garage door opener button, and cables play an essential role in helping your garage door operate safely. That’s why it’s important to understand what cables do and why they are there in the first place. Suppose your garage door cables are visibly frayed, you hear a loud pop when you try to open your door, or you notice that it’s not lifting anymore. This is a sign you need to call in an expert for a garage door cable repair! 

Understanding More About Garage Door Cable Repair

Every garage door has a system of pulleys, springs, and cables that safely guide the door from its closed to open position. However, as you use the garage door over time, these components can lose tension, fray, or snap and break. Cables, in particular, are important because they stabilize the door’s balance. If they snap, it can make the door unbalanced or come off its tracks. Be careful if you attempt to fix it yourself or lift the door since the cables will no longer support the weight of the door. 

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break? 

Our service technicians have almost seen it all. Over the years, we’ve noticed some common cable-related issues.

Normal wear and tear

Garage door cables are made from durable materials, but nothing lasts forever. Cable damage is a natural result of aging and corrosion on the metal components of the cable. Especially in Central Oregon’s cold climate, the cables can become weak and break over time. 

Broken springs

Extension and torsion springs are responsible for keeping the correct amount of tension in the springs. If the springs are configured or installed incorrectly for your door, this can cause issues with lifting or closing the door. Loose or uneven installation problems lead to a chain reaction of other problems that require a garage door service technician to diagnose.  

Bent or warped door panels, tracks, or components

If your garage door panels were recently damaged in any way, the damage could be more than cosmetic. Bent panel sections can obstruct your door’s up-and-down cycle, jarring your door’s weight distribution. Also, too much slack in the cables can make your garage door unbalanced, requiring a professional to help set it back on track. Bent tracks can also cause garage door problems when the garage door catches rather than rolls smoothly up and down. Pay attention to this and call in for a service! 

Don’t Use The Door! Call For Service

When a garage door problem arises, further use can cause even greater damage. If strange sounds come from your garage door, the door is unbalanced, or you hear rubbing or grinding noises, it’s likely a cable issue. We strongly advise that you do not attempt a DIY fix but instead call the professionals to take a look. Broken or damaged garage door cables can lead to unpredictable garage door function and even injury. 

What Happens During a Garage Door Cable Repair Service? 

First, our garage door service technicians arrive onsite to diagnose the problem. During this free consultation, they’ll be able to safely inspect every component of your garage door and create a service plan. Then, they will create a repair estimate and plan for you to review based on what they discover. If you approve, they will order the necessary parts and schedule a repair appointment or go ahead and take care of the repair as soon as possible. 

Trust Central Oregon Garage Door For Your Next Garage Door Cable Repair 

In Central Oregon, the weather is harsh on garage doors. Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to extend the life of your garage door. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your cables or are trying to repair your door, go ahead and give us a call for an estimate. We’ll give you the solution and pricing for repairs and let you decide how to proceed.

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