After years of sleek metals and minimalistic barren spaces, wood is making a comeback in interior and exterior design. The warm earthy tones and organic textures are once again capturing the attention of interior designers, with more emphasis on highlighting reclaimed materials. So while other homeowners are opting for run-of-the-mill options, why not stand out with a modern wood garage door? 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we craft custom garage doors through our carefully designed 12-step system to make sure you receive an excellent door, hassle-free. 

Why We Love Crafting Modern Wood Garage Doors

Nothing says sophistication quite like a modern wood garage door. The rich custom stains and eye-catching grain of the different woods can give your home a modern look. And while standard garage doors look amazing, we particularly love working with clients to create custom wood doors. These projects give our engineers and designers the chance to get creative and create truly original pieces of art. 

The 12-step process we follow shows our dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer service. 

How We Design and Build Your Custom Wood Garage Door 

The first few steps of our process revolve around design. We start with an initial consultation, where we measure the space and discuss design ideas with you. Then our expert engineers get to work creating a CAD drawing to help visualize the design. We also pick out a few paint or stain options we think you will like. 

Once the client approves the design and stain or paint options, we order all the parts and materials. When those parts arrive, our craftsmen build the frames, insulate the door, and finish the door with any hand-crafted overlay pieces. Then the door is painted or stained, and we add the final touches, like glass windows or decorative hardware. 

Once the piece is fully assembled, we run a few tests to get the weight and balance measurements needed for proper installation. Then, it’s time for installation! Again, we’ll reach out and schedule a stress-free installation, so they can enjoy their brand new modern wood garage door. 

Bring Your Wood Garage Door Designs to Life with Central Oregon Garage Door 

From start to finish, we’re committed to creating high-quality wood garage doors that excite our clients and help achieve their dream look and feel. Not only that, but we also strive to make the whole process smooth and easy for everyone involved by emphasizing clear expectations and constant communication along the way. 

Learn more about our 12-step process and check out our recent work today. 


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