It’s the time of year when our phone is usually ringing off the hook with service requests. A Central Oregon winter plus general wear and tear can equal some pretty damaging circumstances. If you’re in need of a garage door service, we’re outlining the benefits and what to look for before you call. 

Garage Door Service Extends the Life of Your Door

There, we said it. One more time for emphasis: a garage door service extends the life of your door. You’ve invested time and money into this door—something that people see right away when coming to your house—why not do your best to increase its longevity? After all, your door is one of the biggest moving parts of your home that operates constantly. And it needs regular maintenance to keep all the parts running smoothly. 

We like to view regular servicing as similar to booking a check-up with your doctor. Essentially, it’s about trusting an expert to understand what your door needs and about preventative care. 

The Benefits of Regular Servicing 

We just outlined the number one benefit of regular servicing (longevity), but what about the others? Garage doors average 1,825 cycles per year. Regular service can ensure all the components keep working properly through all those openings and closings. The most common recommendation is to schedule service once a year or as issues arise. Since things like garage door springs can be dangerous when broken, regular service can give you peace of mind. 

Another big benefit of regular garage door service is the fact that most warranties rely on consistent maintenance of your door. Plus, servicing can also help identify and fix risky or expensive issues before they escalate. Our technicians have years of experience building, installing, and repairing garage doors of all sizes and styles. We know garage doors inside and out—hinges, rollers, jamb brackets, and cables—so scheduling service will give you an expert opinion and assurance that everything is in working order. 

What to Look For When Booking a Service 

Before you book a service, you can watch out for (and do some self-inspection on) a few key things. First and foremost, inspect the door for potential damage. This may be weather-related like cracks or breaks or visible damage to the inner mechanisms from regular use. Also, make note of small things like blocked sensors or blown light bulbs. You may be able to handle small repairs like this on your own, but we will also check that during a maintenance visit. Pro tip: A monthly check is a good thing to add to your to-dos. 

If you notice any strange sounds (like squeaking or grinding) or jerking movements on the door, that’s your sign to call sooner than later. Overall, some issues can be headed off by observing, winterizing, and regular cleaning. But, when in doubt, get our expert technicians to help. 

Don’t Wait for Damage. Schedule Your Garage Door Service Today.

One of the most common things we see is people waiting until problems occur in the winter before calling us for a garage door service. In reality, scheduling maintenance before then (and knowing what to look for) can help avoid last-minute emergencies and delays. Get on our schedule here.

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