Whether you’ve just had your garage door installed and are enjoying the (street) view or it’s just been a while, garage door maintenance is one thing you don’t want to neglect. From monthly to yearly habits, following these five best practices can keep your garage door running and looking like new.  We recommend having your door serviced once a year to keep the door and operator running smoothly just like the first day it was installed.


1. Clean the door often and thoroughly 

One of the simplest ways to maintain your garage door is through regular cleaning. To do so, use a “mild all-purpose cleaner or soap and water [that] eliminates dirt and debris that can cause excess wear.” If it helps you keep to a regular schedule, designate a time once a month or every other month. 

And don’t forget about the specific material you’re cleaning. For wood doors, check for water damage, chipped paint, and any warping. Steel doors, on the other hand, might have rust spots that you can fix by sanding, priming, and painting. 


2. Check the balance 

A balanced garage door means its weight is equally distributed and “evenly managed by the tension of the system’s springs.” To check the balance, pull the release handle to disconnect the lever then lower the door halfway. If it’s balanced, it will hold the position by itself. If not, the “spring’s tension needs to be adjusted.” You can also have this done with a service call by Central Oregon Garage Door.


3. Lubricate moving parts

Keep your door moving like a well-oiled machine. Lubricating moving parts like the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks can prevent noise and keep your door working as it should. 

To do this correctly, use a spray-on version of white lithium grease or penetrating oil. Spray moving parts thoroughly with an even coat. And remember, “all springs will eventually break because of metal fatigue and/or corrosion, but this annual maintenance will prevent corrosion.” 


4. Tighten hardware 

The last thing you want is any mechanism on your door to become loose. But, with your door moving up and down multiple times a day, some loosening is inevitable. Make sure to tighten the brackets “and the bolts that hold the rails to the support brackets.” While doing this, inspect parts for missing or damaged pieces. 


5. Inspect the rollers 

Rollers usually last about seven years, especially with regular examination. A good rule of thumb is to “[inspect] twice per year and [replace] if they get cracked, chipped or worn.” If they are ready to be replaced, it’s as simple as removing the bracket and installing a new one. However, do not try to remove the bottom roller.


We’re here to help 

With regular garage door maintenance, your door will stay as beautiful and as functional as the day it was installed. But for any of these best practices that become too complicated, our experienced technicians are ready to help. From your annual servicing to one-off fixes, Central Oregon Garage Door has you covered.

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