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Looking for a bit of inspiration to help kickstart your next home renovation project? You’re in luck! At Central Oregon Garage Door, our garage door craftsmen work on many stunning custom design projects throughout Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We pulled together a few of our favorite recent custom projects to help get the creative juices flowing.

Three Creative Garage Door Design Ideas

Bring Wood to Life with Thoughtful Stains

custom wood garage door with intricate detailing

Part of the joy of working on custom projects is showcasing the inherent beauty of natural materials. Wood is one of the most beautiful materials because each piece has a unique grain and pattern. When laid out with care and highlighted with the right stain, these intricate lines and patterns come to life to create movement in the piece that’s eye-catching and appealing.   

Stains bring out the best in wood garage doors, so if you want to showcase this material, don’t be afraid to experiment with different stains. This custom project, in particular, features a 1×4 T&G Thermory wood overlay with a custom stain in Exotic Brown.

Reuse and Recycle

custom door design idea number two: using reclaimed wood for a project

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we source USA-made materials for our custom projects. But on special occasions, clients come to us with particularly fun requests to utilize materials they already have on hand. In the case of this project, we used wood that was initially on a barn in Idaho to create a matching garage door that blended right into the rest of the barn’s design. 

These projects aren’t just fun because of the higher level of ingenuity required, but they’re also a great way to prevent excess waste. When you work on custom projects that require tons of materials, you discover just how valuable recycling can be.

Stand Out with Intricate Designs

example number 3 of a custom door design idea utilizing intricate patterns in your garage door design

Stains and materials aren’t the only ways you can bring a unique flair to your garage door project. Design is still a significant player in the final result. And while many people seem to overlook their garage door, with the right design, it can be the eye-catching centerpiece of your home’s exterior. 

We kept the materials and color simple in this project and let the design speak for itself. With a 1×8 tight knot cedar border and design crossbucks with a solid square top, these doors are the crowning jewels of this residential home (and the neighborhood.) 

Find More Inspiration with Our Custom Wood Garage Door Gallery

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we specialize in custom wood garage doors. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with the Central Oregon community to bring their garage door design ideas to life and showcase our craftsmanship. 

So, whether you’re looking to build a custom garage door in the future or simply looking to add to your dream home vision board, our gallery is an excellent source of inspiration to help you discover your unique garage door style. 

Check out our gallery

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