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When it comes to garage doors, better materials and improved technologies have made the possibilities almost endless. But it can be hard to know what’s right for your home or place of business. Which garage door colors suit the space? And what design is best for you? 


Know your options

The first lesson in choosing garage door colors and design is knowing your options. You can then narrow them down to your favorites and be on your way to a finished door that you’ll enjoy for years to come. First, is this door for a residential or commercial location? Also decide your budget and if you are choosing from manufactured options or are going the custom route. Then, it’s the fun part of designs and colors. 


Garage door designs

Garage doors come in a variety of designs that each have their pros and cons. These include doors made of aluminum, glass, fiberglass, wood, and steel. After materials, other design choices include “full view” doors that are mostly glass on the outside, carriage house style, plank, or stamped shaker. If those seem overwhelming, ask yourself if you want to go traditional or contemporary, automatically narrowing down your options. 

Another aspect to design is the door’s overall functionality. Do you want a sectional or roll up garage door? Or, maybe, your business needs a rolling steel or high-speed door. As we said, the possibilities can be endless. 


Garage door colors

Garage door colors are as varied as design and can help to tie your new door into the entire building. If it helps to have a reference point, “the top five choices [are] the neutrals: white, cool gray, black, beige and walnut brown.” Many of the manufactured residential doors we work with have over 100 powder coat options to suit your exact color scheme and design goals. And don’t be afraid to go bold. With options like evergreen and blue, your door can stand out and make a statement. 


How to choose what’s best for you 

With thousands of variations between design and garage door colors, it’s no wonder that people get overwhelmed. But if you take a simple five-step approach, you’ll have your decision in no time. The approach includes your home’s style, materials of your home, other architectural elements like stonework, your style, and color schemes. 

Starting there makes it so your garage door will fit seamlessly into your home or business design. And if you want to make the door a focal point with a bold design or color, make sure to choose complementary elements to tie into the rest of your residence or business. 


Trust our staff 

One of our favorite parts of the job is seeing our clients’ faces when their completed garage door is the perfect fit for their residence or place of business. Overall, the right garage door colors and design depends entirely on your taste. Even doors with daring color options can work if you’ve considered how it will complement your location. And the team at Central Oregon Garage Door is always here to offer advice and make recommendations. 

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