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Your Garage Door Is the Majority of Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Choosing the right garage door design is more important than you think! Most garage doors take up a third of your home’s facade, contributing a lot to curb appeal. Luckily, you don’t have to opt for generic builder-selected options when you can go custom! Custom garage doors add an extra special design touch to your home without spending a fortune to remodel. Explore Central Oregon Garage Door’s custom design options, including windows, luxury materials, custom finishes, and CAD designer support from start to finish!

A Bold Door Paired with The Right Lighting Can Really Make a Difference

There’s nothing we love more than a bold design choice. Opting for dark contrast colors on your garage door (like black) and matching the front door and trim can help your home’s architectural features stand out. High-contrast color selections also help to give your home’s exterior crisp definition and freshness. And never underestimate the lighting! Installing well lights in the driveway can help to showcase a high-contrast look, giving your garage door a dramatic effect at night. 

Use an Industrial-Inspired Glass Door To Bring In More Light

We love when our clients embrace a look with glass windows and industrial materials like steel or aluminum. It adds a new feel to the garage. A glass door is especially desirable if you use your garage as a third space for a gym or hobby area. Welcoming in natural light will help you create the open and airy feel you want indoors, even with closed doors. And you can choose your window opacity for increased privacy and storage of valuables without totally shutting out light. 

Go Fully Custom With Solutions From Our CAD In-House Designer

At Central Oregon Garage Door, our in-house CAD engineer will walk you through the process to see digital mockups of your unique design! From choosing paint color or stains, getting all dimensions and details, and deciding on materials and the finished look of each panel, you’ll get the custom experience with your made-to-order custom garage doors. See our wood garage door page for a clear idea of how each step of the design process works, from start to finish. 

Make Your Custom Garage Door From Scratch With Central Oregon Garage Door

Need the perfect fit for your craftsman, northwest lodge style, or modern home in Central Oregon? Craft a custom garage door with us. All of our custom design work is backed with top-quality materials, professionally engineered solutions, and top-grade weatherproofing and insulation to ensure your door lasts a long time! 

We are the source for beautiful custom garage doors in Central Oregon. See photos of our custom residential and commercial doors work here. Match your garage door to the best features of your home or property and request a free estimate!

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