If you have a business or own an industrial building, you know that protecting your property is essential. But, when it comes to a commercial garage door, they’re not all created equally. At Central Oregon Garage Door, we have a variety of options for all types of facilities and businesses. 


What to look for in commercial garage doors 

Commercial garage doors should be functional as well as protective. There are three main types of commercial doors: Sectional, Rolling Steel, and High Speed. And each of these types functions in a different capacity––with high-speed doors often used for factories and rolling steel used for restaurants and high use areas. For example, look no further than our work at the Box Factory. When choosing a commercial door, you should consider the following:



It’s all about the right R-value, or “the measure of resistance to the flow of heat.” When used in reference to the garage door industry, this refers to the insulation level. In other words, how protected your business is from the elements. Most of the commercial doors we use are polyurethane-insulated, which improves efficiency and protection. 



When you install a commercial garage door, you’re installing another entry point to your facility. This means that you need it to be secure to protect your assets. Security in a garage door could mean everything from the locks, to built-in safety features, to added features like alarm systems and keypads. 



What’s the point of having commercial garage doors if they aren’t durable? When deciding which door you need, you’ll want to consider some key factors. These include how heavy daily traffic will be and whether or not you want added protection against fires or intruders. The commercial doors we offer are all manufactured with the highest durability standards in mind. 


Brands we recommend

When you’re in business, you need the best. That’s why we trust Wayne Dalton and C.H.I commercial garage doors for their durability, protection, and overall curb appeal. 


Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton commercial garage doors have some of our favorite on the market. From full view models like the WD K-AL to durable fabric options like the WD-884, we have a wide variety to suit any facility. Notably, every Wayne Dalton door that we install has an impressive combination of durability, efficiency, and safety. Not to mention their curb appeal. 



C.H.I is another of our most trusted brands for commercial garage doors. These doors also come in Sectional, Rolling Steel, and High Speed options and are highly functional for any facility. One of our favorites is the C.H.I MaxDock High Speed, which are low maintenance and economical rubber doors. 


Find it all at COGD

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of commercial garage doors that can suit any facility––from restaurants to fire doors to traditional factory rolling doors. As with our residential doors, if one of our commercial partners doesn’t fit your needs, our team of designers will work with you to craft a custom option. Either way, you can find it all at COGD

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