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It’s finally happened. Your garage door, which you’ve used practically a million times, the thing that’s protected your car and belongings, has finally kicked the bucket––or so you think. If you’re scratching your head questioning why my garage door won’t open, we’ve got the answers and help you need. 


Something is blocking the door 

Have you noticed the little sensors at the bottom of your doors? The ones that look like mini security cameras? These sensors or “photo eyes” make sure your door doesn’t shut on a car bumper (or your foot). The first thing you should do is check if something’s blocking the sensors, like the box of china you haven’t opened in five years. If nothing’s blocking, check to see if the attached wires are connected properly. You should also wipe the lens of the photo eyes with a tissue to remove the dirt and debris.


The setting limit is off

The limit setting on your door prepares it to stop before ending in the closed position. When the limit is off, your door will think it’s hitting something other than the ground and open once again. If you over adjust the settings, the door can slam and become damaged. Our team can help you find the right balance. 


The remote control or opener is having issues 

We rely so much on our remote controls and openers that, when they stop working, we don’t know what to do. Sometimes this issue is as simple as plugging your power source back in or re-setting the breaker after an outage. If the power is working, try replacing the batteries in your remote or exterior keypad. If all those fail, it may be that your remote and opener are having trouble communicating––often caused by antenna blockage.


The door is off-track 

Garage doors are a lesson in balance. If a roller on one side comes off the track, the entire operation shuts down. This often happens “if a track is accidentally struck by a heavy object and bent outward, allowing the door rollers to slip out.” Remember to never remove any bolts, as this can be very dangerous and potentially cause more damage. Call a professional to get your door back on track. 


The springs or cables break 

This is one of the bigger, more dangerous reasons why your garage door won’t open. Torsion and extension springs and nearby cables on your door help it operate correctly. If these elements break or snap, your door can come crashing down. Because of this, never try to fix or adjust the torsion springs; instead, call COGD. 


When in doubt, we can help 

The answers to “why my garage don’t won’t open” vary from simple to complicated. Our team at Central Oregon Garage Door can help you identify the problem and fix your door in no time. 

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