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We take our craft seriously at Central Oregon Garage Door. That’s why, since 2005, we’ve made it our job to provide the highest quality, most unique garage doors in Bend Oregon. When it comes to highlighting our favorites, we have a lot to choose from. But these custom projects showcase our scope, craftsmanship, and creativity when it comes to bringing client visions to life. 

When It Comes to Garage Doors in Bend Oregon, We’ve Seen It All 

When you’ve been in the business and a service area as long as we have, you see some unique projects over the years. Although we also install and service high quality manufactured doors, we’re a custom shop at heart. For these unique one-offs, our true craftsmanship and attention to detail can shine through. The following three projects are some of our recent favorite garage doors in Bend Oregon—earning that title because of their creative design and unique challenges. 

Pacific Project

The Pacific project features one of the most unique shop doors we’ve ever crafted. The owner came to us wanting swinging custom wood carriage doors that were big enough to drive the rare cars into the shop. They needed to be both beautiful and highly functional. Our wood door builders created two six-foot by twelve-foot doors built with one by six tight knot western red cedar border and overlay. 

We included a half-inch of insulated clear glass with a huge arched top to let light into the shop and create a distinguished look. What’s more, we motorized the doors with Franklin motors so they could swing open wide and run as smooth as butter with the click of a remote. And because we mounted the motors at the header, the inside of the shop did not have any hardware protruding in so it remained spacious and uncluttered. With 700 pounds and six guys, we were able to install the doors and feel proud of helping our client achieve his dream shop! 

Overall we enjoyed the challenge of creating such beautiful, unique garage doors in Bend Oregon! 

Illinois Engineered Products  

This project was a bit of a divergence from our typical projects, but a great example of how our products can be versatile. A Eugene-based company, Drew’s Boots and Ammo, came to us to help make the building more secure in a location that has a lot of traffic. We worked with the contractor and the owner to add sliding scissor security gates and we mounted and installed them so they kept a low profile when not engaged. Once ready to close up and lock the store, however, the scissor gates provided added security that was simple enough for one person to implement. 

For this project, we were also able to work with another company to meet the client’s security needs—you can even find the project featured on the Illinois Engineered Products website! Overall, it was a great example of how Central Oregon Garage Door’s products can be utilized for more than a standard garage door—especially in the commercial space! 

Modern Before and After 

For this project, the customer came to us looking for a modern, simple upgrade for their older garage doors. To do this, our salesman and in-house draftsman worked closely together on design options to bring the customer’s vision to life. What we ended up with was clear CVG western red cedar running horizontally down the face of the door for a high-end finished look. In addition, we designed frosted satin etched glass throughout with unique spacing. Once the client approved the design, our team got to work handcrafting the doors. The attention to detail and the unique characteristics of the door took our whole team from start to finish. In all, the design goal of giving a modern twist to the doors and boosting the home’s appearance made this one of our favorite projects. 

Creating Unique Garage Doors in Bend Oregon Since 2005 

Our team loves a good challenge. We especially love seeing the end result of a particularly unique project. We’ve been creating unique garage doors in Bend Oregon (and beyond) since 2005 with no plans of stopping. Contact us to start your next project! 

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