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Central Oregon Garage Door has been in the business of both custom and manufactured doors since 2005. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation for our installation capabilities in commercial and residential settings and our five-star customer satisfaction. Learn why the best garage door suppliers in Central Oregon have longevity, well-rounded experience with commercial and residential doors, and custom capabilities. 

Longevity: Our Recession-Proof Business Excels in Service

Anyone in town before the first housing market downturn will remember how hard-hit Central Oregon’s construction industry was after 2008. The lack of new construction homes going up affected our residential garage door business. But returning to the basics of service and repair, we stayed on our feet. 

The downturn was an opportunity to strengthen our fundamentals: quality customer service, garage door repairs, and high-end custom garage door support for our community. It was our valued, returning customers and referrals who kept us afloat! 

Experience in Both Custom Wood Doors and Commercial Installations

Having one installation focus in the garage door industry is good, but a garage door supplier with expertise in both commercial and residential is better. You want an installer who knows how to do more than follow the instructions for a manufactured door. Our installers are proactive problem solvers, which means they are also skillful troubleshooters.  

Our custom wood door and commercial installers use critical thinking in their daily tasks. Their experience working with many installation sites (commercial and residential) presents unique challenges and demands. Anyone can follow instructions, but only the best understand why each step comes before the next.  

Garage Door Suppliers With A Talent For Custom Work

A custom garage door shop is about more than just raw materials. Custom wood doors are an art form. While wood is a heavier and larger canvas than painting or ceramics, it takes no less skill to produce some of the incredible, handcrafted pieces that leave our wood shop. 

A custom garage door designer can put windows anywhere you want them, create an elaborate pattern to showcase the natural wood grain, or manufacture a door large enough to store your boat behind. This is the benefit of going with a shop that has custom capabilities versus a business that only sells or installs manufactured doors. Just look at some of our past projects and see for yourself!

Get The Right Door With Central Oregon Garage Door

Most garage door companies only sell or install manufactured doors. But at Central Oregon Garage Door, we believe in the art of craftsmanship. We give you a chance to pick your custom garage door’s stain, wood materials, and hardware for a look that will suit your taste for years to come. And, along with a great door, you’ll get the level of attentive and quality service you deserve. Request an estimate on your project or repair to get started with us today! 

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