In Central Oregon, our winters are incredibly unpredictable. Some years we see heavy snowfall and lots of ice, and other years we mostly get high winds with the occasional sleet. And, with the climate worsening every year, we must prepare our homes to weather the storms. Steel-framed and steel garage doors are a great option to give your home a sophisticated look while offering unbeatable safety and reliability.

How Steel Garage Doors Protect Your Home in the Winter 

Steel garage doors are among the most sturdy options for homeowners. That’s because steel is an incredibly durable material. It withstands strong winds and is resistant to most elements, making it ideal for Oregon’s unpredictable climate. 

In addition, most steel garage doors are double or triple layered to offer increased protection against strong winds or damage from debris and accidental bumper checks. After all, accidents happen, but we don’t need the dents or scratches as reminders of our driving mistakes.  

Not only that but most steel doors are interwoven with insulation to help keep heat in and cold out. That means you’ll save money when heating your home by preventing that air from spilling out of your garage.

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style for Reliability

Because they offer excellent protection, it’s easy to assume that steel garage doors don’t come in stylish configurations. Luckily, that’s not the case! 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we work with exceptional manufacturers that know just how vital your garage door is to your home’s overall look and feel. That’s why they offer steel door options in a variety of styles to fit your home’s unique look. 

From farm-style carriage doors to sleek plank-style doors, you are sure to find a style and color you’ll love.  

Find Your Perfect Steel Garage Door at Central Oregon Garage Door

When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best—inside or outside. So while you’re planning renovations and repairs for the new year, why not add “update to a steel garage door” to your list? 

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