Winter is approaching quickly, and it’s important to start preparing for the season. While many of us do the basic home winterizing, we often overlook the garage. Unfortunately, a garage door that’s not winterized can wreak havoc on homeowners. That’s why we recommend homeowners and businesses book a garage door service before the winter season hits. 


Three Reasons to Service Your Garage Door Before Winter 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, we recommend a garage door service before winter to ensure proper insulation, repair any damage, and increase the overall lifespan of your garage door. 


Keep Your Door Insulated 

Poor insulation can cause heat to seep out of tiny cracks in your home, raising your heating bill exponentially. Garage doors have some of the biggest square footage of space where air can escape. However, a proper inspection from one of our experts can help make sure you’re not flushing your money out into the cold this winter. 


Repair Damage Before Harsh Winter Weather 

There’s nothing worse than finding out your garage door isn’t working correctly when you need it to. Freezing temperatures can exacerbate pesky problems with the opening mechanism, so any repairs needed should be made before the problem worsens. 

One of the biggest things we tell clients is to keep snow and ice away from the door to help prevent the door from freezing to the floor and causing permanent damage. 


Increase the Life of Your Garage Door and Opener

Finally, regular maintenance of your garage door and opener will help safeguard the long-term viability of your garage door. And by taking proactive measures to make sure your door and opener are in tip-top shape throughout the year, you’re ensuring their safety and security as well. 


Prepare For Winter with a Garage Door Service From the Experts 

By scheduling a visit with Central Oregon Garage Door experts, we can prepare your door to withstand any weather conditions this winter. You can learn more about winterizing your garage door here

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