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Installations are a big part of what we do at Central Oregon Garage Door. And after decades in the industry, we’d say we’re pretty good at them. That’s all thanks to our team of expert garage door installers who get the job done right, efficiently, and professionally every single time. Today, we’re introducing you to that team! 

Our Garage Door Installers Keep Us Running Smoothly 

We pride ourselves on providing expert installation, craftsmanship, and efficient repair services for garage doors around Central Oregon. After all, we didn’t come up with the tagline “Local. Custom. Committed.” for nothing. However, we know that we couldn’t do what we do without installers who understand the ins and outs of garage door materials, mechanisms, and maintenance. Even taking a look through our reviews we can see that our customers feel the value of a job done right.  

Meet The Team of Experts 

Our full team consists of managers, service members, wood door builders, and installers. But today we’re introducing you to the garage door installers whose attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and positive attitudes make our team better. 

Jed Smith 

Jed is one of our expert installers and brings years of experience in the field. Fun fact about Jed, he’s a dog lover—and possesses many of their positive attributes, like loyalty and charisma, himself! 

Ramon Hernandez

Ramon joined our team of expert garage door installers after years of practicing the trade. His fun fact is that he enjoys fishing Central Oregon’s rivers with his family. 

Darrin Davis

Darrin is a great addition to our team and always shows up with 110 percent. When asked about his fun fact, he answered that he once had a cup of coffee with Sam Elliott at his house in Brownsville, Oregon. 

Victor Gonzalez 

Victor brings a great attitude and tons of experience to every job. His fun fact is that he enjoys exercise and uses garage door installations as a way to work out. 

Let Our Garage Door Installers Bring Your Project to Life! 

We’re lucky to have a versatile, fun, and community-oriented team. Each of our expert garage door installers brings a unique set of skills to each project and welcomes new challenges. Trust our team with your next project

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