When it’s time to replace your garage door, there are many needs to consider. Garage door durability is particularly important as severe weather continues to grow. However, you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for damage resistance. At Central Oregon Garage, we work with several companies that have eco-friendly manufacturing practices and use more sustainable building materials that are just as strong as traditional components. Let’s explore what to look for when shopping and what sustainable brands to know.

Consider R-Value and Materials for Garage Door Durability

It helps to have insider knowledge whenever you make a big purchase, like a new garage door. At Central Oregon Garage Door, we educate buyers about crucial durability aspects, like R-value and materials. 

R-value measures the thermal resistance of heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher its energy efficiency and ability to retain warm or cool air. Because of the climate in Central Oregon, it’s important to shoot for an R-value around 10 or higher.

Steel is considered the most durable material, but that doesn’t mean your house has to look like an industrial loading dock. Today’s doors often have wood composite cladding or wood-tone overlays to make them aesthetically appropriate for residential homes. Plus, many manufacturers invest in research and development to create alternative materials with less environmental impact. 


Garage doors with a high R-value are typically insulated with polyurethane spray foam. While polyurethane does offer better insulation than its more environmentally friendly counterpart, polystyrene it’s manufactured using petrochemicals, and its production releases harmful greenhouse gases. 

To get the same quality of insulation without the emissions, the Canada-based Garage Door Company, Richards-Wilcox, uses environmentally friendly CFC/HCFC-free Neufoam™. According to their website, “The higher-density polyurethane insulation in a computer-controlled continuous process provides uniform insulation, superior adhesion, and excellent strength to the door panels.” Not only is Neufoam healthier for people and the environment, but it also boasts an R-value of 18!

The Richards-Wilcox brand features a variety of styles and material options with high wind resistance, making it perfect for homes on the Pacific Northwest coasts!


Another brand that’s caught the attention of environmentalists is Clopay, whose Intellicore® insulation has a high R-value but contains no Hydrofluorocarbons, otherwise known as HFCs, which contribute to global warming and damage the ozone layer. 

Clopay’s Cayon Ridge Collection uses UV and moisture-resistant faux wood composite cladding and overlays to cover the steel. Clopay has environmental assurances that are compliant with the following laws and regulations:

  • California SB 1013
  • New Jersey A-5583/S-3919 – Greenhouse Gas Bill
  • Washington HB 1112 – Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Canadian regulations amending the ozone-depleting substances and halocarbon          

While it’s unknown what Clopay’s wood composite includes (besides real wood fibers), most wood composites are made of wood fibers and recyclable thermoplastic resins. Not only is faux wood beautiful, but it’s also highly durable and doesn’t require the upkeep of real wood!


We regularly install doors from Amarr, a brand that guarantees that its products are CFC, HFC, & HCFC free, have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), and comply with environmental laws and regulations. 

Amarr uses recycled steel in 90% of its doors and reusable polystyrene insulation. Additionally, they only work with suppliers that practice sustainability in their manufacturing and shipping processes. The brand also initiated a pallet and coil core recycling program that saves trees and landfill space.

Amarr’s “Designer’s Choice” and “Olympus” Collections have the highest R-value of their residential doors, are highly customizable, and have WindPro wind load reinforcement as an add-on option.

Richards-Wilcox, Clopay, and Amarr are just a few garage door companies being transparent about their sustainability practices. Always try to do your research before investing your hard-earned money in a major product like a garage door. 

Garage Door Durability and Sustainability Can Coexist!

With the plethora of garage door options on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones will fit your budget, style, weather needs, and environmental integrity. Allow the experts at Central Oregon Garage Door to guide you through options that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. Call or email us today!


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