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If you have a commercial building and business, you know that time is money. And every second counts when it comes to getting items efficiently in and out of the building. Just one reason a dock leveler is the perfect complement for your commercial garage door––keeping your business running smoothly. 


Why use a dock leveler? 

Imagine a work truck coming up to your commercial garage door to unload and it’s unable to properly reach the height. It would not only cause a major headache, but it would lower your productivity. A dock leveler bridges the height and distance between a vehicle and the warehouse flooring.

These height-adjustable platforms act as the perfect extension to a commercial garage door. They also help reduce forklift accidents and injuries by keeping the loading process as smooth as possible. At Central Oregon Garage Door, we offer three options for your business. 


Advance Lifts DL 3200

The Advance Lifts Dock Leveler 3200 series are recessed dock lifts with a maximum capacity of 8,000 pounds. Their durability and size coupled with features like an HP motor makes them perfect for a multitude of lifting needs. 


Blue Giant Hydraulic 

The Hydraulic Dock Leveler from Blue Giant is a high-performance system that operates at the touch of a button. Its “impressive combination of usability and longevity” makes it a winning choice for any business. We’ve chosen it as one of the three we offer because of features like enhanced J-beams, lip cylinders, and the platform that flexes four inches under load. 


Pioneer Lifts HP Series 

Pioneer Lifts HP dock leveler series lifts are fully hydraulic and some of the safest and strongest in the industry today. What makes them so strong are features like a heavy-duty regenerative main cylinder and solid steel “C” channel. These combined factors give these lifts 25,000 to 45,000-pound dynamic capabilities. 


All your commercial needs 

The three dock leveler options we have at Central Oregon Garage Door are safe, durable, and efficient––and keep your commercial door operations running smoothly. Whatever your commercial garage door needs, we’ve got you covered.

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