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There’s a reason why “business” and “busyness” sound so similar. If you own a business in Central Oregon, you’re likely meeting yourself coming and going. With all the ins and outs of the day-to-day (literally and figuratively), you need a garage door that can keep up. But, if something goes wrong and your door breaks, it could cost you valuable time and money. Central Oregon Garage Door offers expert commercial garage door repair when you need it most. 


Commercial garage door repair with COGD 

We have a dedicated team of technicians with decades of combined experience. Each team member is skilled in all things garage doors—from installation to commercial garage door repair. When you trust COGD to install your commercial garage door, you’re getting the guarantee of a quality door that’s built for performance and efficiency. Plus, the guarantee that, should something go wrong, we have the know-how and skills to get you up and running in no time. 


Reasons you may need a repair 

Commercial garage doors get a lot of use. Unfortunately, over time, this wear can damage doors and make them inoperable or unsafe. These are the top reasons why you may need a commercial garage door repair: 


Damaged section panels 

If you have constant deliveries or high traffic around your door, dents and scratches are common on the garage panels. While many of these damages are seemingly cosmetic, over time dented panels can get in the way of safe door operation. 

Worn or damaged springs 

Garage door springs can become dangerous when broken (read about Springs 101 here). With wear and tear, improper maintenance, or rust, springs can lose their functionality and make garage doors unstable. It’s best to keep on top of these damages before you need a major repair. 

Broken or misaligned tracks 

The manufactured garage doors that we trust—Wayne Dalton and CHI—primarily run on metal tracks that guide the door’s smooth closing and opening. If these tracks become misaligned, warped, or damaged, the door will not operate properly. Our technicians can inspect tracks for minor to major repairs and replace them as needed. 


Benefits to repair and proper upkeep 

If you need more convincing that commercial garage door repair helps your business, it can also: 


Save you time and money 

Imagine your door breaks during your busiest month of the year. Besides the logistical nightmare, the time and money lost due to damage can negatively affect your business. Getting your door repaired quickly (and unkempt regularly) can save you time and money. 

Protect your assets 

If a door is broken, your business is vulnerable. The faster you can repair a door, the faster you can protect your assets. 

Keep your employees safe 

Most importantly, a damaged or broken garage door puts your employees (and equipment) at risk from snapping wires or falling doors. Keep them safe with proper maintenance and repair. 


Call us next time you need commercial garage door repair 

Our team is here to help with all your garage door needs—from installing a manufactured door for your business to providing expert commercial garage door repair. Give us a call

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