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 In most homes, the garage door acts as the front door, meaning it gets opened a lot! That’s why you need a garage door opener that’s both functional and reliable. But if you’re in the market for a few extra features, learn the smart capabilities of a Linear garage door opener. Backup battery life, WiFi, and smartphone capability make Linear one of our top-selling residential garage opener brands.

Reliable Performance, Even In A Power Outage

It’s one of those things you don’t think about until it happens—losing power to your home often means your garage door stops working. But not with a linear garage door opener! Both the Linear LDCO 800 and LDCO 850 models include a standard backup battery. So, even in a power outage, you can move about your daily life and open and close your garage door without disruption. 

Manage Accessibility To Your Home With An App

Linear garage door openers are heavy-duty workhorses. But they can do much more than just open and close. The Linear LDCO 850 model has some exciting smartphone-compatible features. Manage access to your home from the Linear PRO Access app or sync your garage door with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and HomeLink. Safety is one benefit of managing your garage door from an app vs. storing a remote in your car. If the remote is stolen, it can mean the thief also has unhindered access to your home. Instead of having to keep track of a remote, you can open and close your garage through the app! Enter with a simple and safe access code you set through the app, or opt for access and normal remote control entry. 

Get A Garage Door Opener That Operates Quietly And Smoothly 

Did you know that your garage door opener affects how smoothly your garage door lifts and closes? Changing out the garage door opener is also an opportunity to upgrade your belts and chain drives. So if your garage door has been rattling, shaking, or generally seems to need an upgrade, now is the right time to look into getting a new opener. The Linear openers we sell offer quiet performance, variable speed operation, and energy-efficient units. In addition, all of the units are self-diagnostic, meaning they continually check for operational errors or safety issues. 

Let Central Oregon Garage Door Be Your Stop For A Linear Garage Opener

We’d love to be your provider for the sales, installation, or repair of your next Linear garage door opener. Furthermore, if you have issues with a current non-functioning garage door opener, we can take care of that, too! So call us or fill out our form to schedule a repair estimate or get more information about our Linear lineup of products. 

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