Designing a custom wood garage door is a commitment. From the initial meeting to installation day, our team works to ensure that your custom door fits seamlessly into your space and lifestyle. We do that with our CAD design. Bringing your design to life from the get-go. 


What is CAD design? 

CAD design stands for computer-aided design. The CAD process involves computer software that a CAD engineer uses to build a model in an imaginary space. With dimensions, materials, colors, and other specifications included in the programming. We’re lucky to have a CAD engineer on our team to assist our clients. 


Why does it matter? 

The biggest benefit of CAD design is the ability to bring visions to life. Without the computer model of a project, it’s challenging to visualize how it will look in real life. The digital representations also have details missed with traditional drawings. Such as cut views and more detailed representations of scale. 

Other benefits include optimization as the program allows the engineer to “test for imperfections” via simulations. As well as specialized software tools that make the process more seamless for our clients. With CAD, we can essentially make sure your custom door works before we even build it. 


The COGD process 

When you decide to build a custom wood garage door with us, you’re guaranteed to be part of the process from start to finish. First, we meet with you and take initial measurements of the space. Next, our CAD engineer comes up with the CAD drawings that will serve as our guiding point. After approval, we move on to sourcing materials, building, and adding the finishing touches. During the entire process, we confirm the design and make note of any changes. 


Getting started 

CAD design is a game-changer for homeowners looking for a custom garage door. With this software, we can collaborate with our clients and offer them an early look at their finished product. From these digital representations to installation day, we work with you to perfect your vision. 

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