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Wifi home-access systems have completely changed the way we think about home security. With this technology, we can do everything from check in on our kids while we’re still at work to lock doors and turn off lights after we’ve already left the house. And while the garage may be the last place on your mind for an upgrade, the best wifi garage door opener models have just gotten better over the years. 


Why Choose a Wifi Garage Door Opener?

How many times in the past few months have you left in a hurry, only to wonder if you accidentally left the garage open? If you’re anything like us, it’s a pretty common occurrence.

We all lead busy lives. Between the daily commute to and from school or work and extracurriculars for the kids (or ourselves), we’re constantly leaving the house in a rush.

A wifi-enabled garage door opener can give you peace-of-mind, without having to turn the car around every time you second guess yourself. Instead, simply log into the app, and with a click, you’ll know for sure your house is secure.

So which model is right for you? Let’s find out.


Best Eco-Friendly Model: Linear LDCO 841

If convenience and energy efficiency is an important factor in your purchasing decisions, the LDCO 841 is the best option for you. 

Not only does this model have Energy-Efficient LED long-life light panels, but it also provides a smooth, quiet operation and reliable safety measures like obstacle sensing. It’s the perfect fit for the eco-friendly Pacific Northwesterner. 


Best Heavy Lifting Model: LiftMaster 8587w

If you have a custom garage door made with heavier materials like wood, or you live in an area with heavy winds, you’ll want to opt for the LiftMaster 8587w. 

This smart garage door opener packs a punch, with a ¾ HP AC motor chain drive system and a reinforced chassis on the I-beam rail system to provide support and stability. There’s no reason you’d have to sacrifice reliability for a custom door design with this opener. 

NOTE: Liftmaster is just releasing new operators that will include built-in cameras and all motors with built-in wifi. Stay tuned for more updates on these models coming soon. 


Best Bells and Whistles Model: Genie 4042

If you always opt for the suped-up model, the Genie 4042 is for you. This opener comes with GenieSense™ monitoring and diagnostic technology that minimizes noise and improves overall safety. 

It’s also got a soft start and stop control to decrease wear and tear on the door and a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox. So you can rest easy knowing your garage door opener will last for years on end. 


The Best Wifi Garage Door Opener is One that Gets the Job Done 

At Central Oregon Garage Door, our team of experts can help fit you with a state-of-the-art wifi garage door opener that suits your unique needs and helps you spend less time worrying and more time living. 

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