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We don’t know about you, but we love a good home improvement project. And buying a garage door is an exciting step toward improving the style and function of your home. Want to take your garage door from builder-grade to an entirely original look? Consider these five things before you jump into a new garage door project. 

Think About How You Use Your Garage Most

First things first. How do you use your garage? Is it hobby storage for small boats or watercraft during the winter? A place to stash your bike collection or a home gym? Do you need extra overhead clearance for bigger vehicles or privacy glass in the windows for storing your more expensive items discreetly? Your lifestyle and hobbies can significantly impact the kind of garage door you choose. And designing a door around your needs is our specialty. 

Choose A Door Design You Love

For most of our customers, this is their favorite part. If you’re dreaming about changing the generic look of your garage door, gather photos of door designs or get an inspiration board going. Our talented in-house CAD designers love building on your vision to create the door of your dreams! Check out these classic and contemporary styles for an in-depth look.

Set Your Budget

While the sky is sometimes the limit when setting a budget, we are confident we can help you find something that matches your style at the right price point. We have plenty of new manufactured doors with customization options from well-respected brands like Amarr, C.H.I, and Wayne Dalton. 

We understand that a wood door project may only suit some people’s needs. And if you want to replace your door with something low maintenance like a steel manufactured door, we still have plenty of options! 

Replace The Springs and Opener Along With Your Door

When ordering or creating a new garage door, replacing the springs and the opener is also an important but sometimes overlooked step. Torsion springs on a garage door are created for roughly 10,000 cycles. If you use your garage door an average of a few times a day, your springs will be ready for a replacement in five years or less. So buying a garage door is a great opportunity to replace all of the door’s components. Explore our range of garage door openers in case it’s time for an upgrade.  

Before Buying A Garage Door, Get A Free Estimate

An estimate can tell you much more about the process of building a door than scrolling through endless photos of new garage door possibilities. Our professional team of estimators, installers, and wood garage door builders knows how to get you from concept to finished product. And we love doing this for customers! 

After the Central Oregon Garage Door team arrives on location, we assess all measurements, dimensions, and details of your project. Then we consider the product you want (whether a custom wood door or manufactured) and discuss a price point. If everything is a go, we order or craft the necessary components from there. 

Buying A Garage Door? Get a Bid From Central Oregon Garage Door

We get it. You have a lot of options when it comes to buying a garage door. But as a business that improves the aesthetics of every space we encounter, we like to let our work speak for itself. See our projects page and check out some of our talented builders’ innovative past projects. Want to see more manufactured residential garage door designs with highly customizable options? Consider our residential manufactured options.

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