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Do you find yourself dusting off that box of Christmas lights from the attic this time of year? If decorating your home finds you in the same routine year after year, consider these creative new garage door decor tips to spruce things up. Ringing in the holiday spirit is about more than just the lights. Keep it as simple or as elaborate as you wish with these five ideas for decorating your garage door. 

For The Holiday Minimalist: A Projector

Transform your garage door into a moving winter scene without lifting a finger! Traveling out of town over the holiday? Use this decorating tip to avoid the decoration clean-up when you return from your trip.

 Run an extension cord from your garage to connect to your outdoor projector and watch the magic of your favorite wintry scene from Frozen come to life! Then, if you’re really in the spirit—play your favorite winter soundtrack through your outdoor speakers as your neighbors drive by to enjoy the lights. 

For The Traditionalist: Matching Pine Wreaths or a Garland 

Matching wreaths add symmetry to your exterior and can make your garage door look great when December rolls around. Or if a garland is more your style, use temporary hooks to create a scalloped framing above your garage door and down the sides. Then stand back and admire your work! Just make sure your holiday decorations stay clear of your garage’s up or down cycle to avoid breaking or jamming its components.

Focus On The Windows With Snowflake Decals  

Sometimes, decorating the outside of your garage door is too much of a hassle. Still, windows are always a huge opportunity to show off your spirit! Gingerbread or snowflake window decals are a way to infuse your garage with holiday cheer. Window decals adhere to most types of glass and are easily removable when it’s time to change seasons. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about damaging your home’s exterior by trying to hang Christmas lights or wreaths. 

Deck The Driveway 

Transform your paved driveway into Candy Cane Lane to impress neighbors and friends who come over for holiday parties. Some of us could use a whole storage unit just for Christmas decorations, so don’t feel limited to the garage door. Incorporate decoration ideas from your house and garage door to the trees surrounding your yard, or even light the path along your driveway. A lighted holiday arch can showcase your seasonal decor. Go as big or little as you’d like! 

The Right Garage Door Decor Turns Your Home Into A Present

A little bit of red ribbon goes a long way. Wrap your garage door (careful to avoid the joints between panels) with a weatherproof red ribbon horizontally and vertically to transform it into a beautiful, gift-wrapped present! This is an easy and fun look that doesn’t require dozens of tangled lights or hanging up complicated holiday decorations. 

Secure the red ribbon with electrical tape on the inside of the door and test the door’s up and down cycles to ensure the ribbon is not blocking or jamming the door’s components in any way. And congrats! A perfect festive look that took under an hour to create. 

Winterize Your Garage Door Through All Seasons With The Experts

Aside from brushing up your home’s exterior, there might be a few home improvement items for the season to take care of before you’re ready for more months of winter. How about adding a weatherproofing seal to the base of your garage door to keep the snow melt at bay? Are your garage door hinges and springs a bit rusty or need replacement? The panels: are they warping in winter’s freeze and thaw cycles? 

Call Central Oregon Garage Door at 541-593-5700 for essential service and repair for your garage door ahead of the holiday season! 

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