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Illinois Engineered Products

This project was a bit of a divergence from our typical projects, but a great example of how our products can be versatile. A Eugene-based company, Drew’s Boots and Ammo, came to us to help make the building more secure in a location that has a lot of traffic. We worked with the contractor and the owner to add sliding scissor security gates and we mounted and installed them so they kept a low profile when not engaged. Once ready to close up and lock the store, however, the scissor gates provided added security that was simple enough for one person to implement. 


For this project, we were also able to work with another company to meet the client’s security needs—you can even find the project featured on the Illinois Engineered Products website! Overall, it was a great example of how Central Oregon Garage Door’s products can be utilized for more than a standard garage door—especially in the commercial space! 

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