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Custom Residential Hydraulic Garage

One of our favorite custom residential projects so far has been the cedar clad Schweiss residential hydraulic designer door. The owner came to us wanting to upgrade his vacation home with a custom garage door that was functional in the traditional fashion, but also featured a man door. 


According to our Operations Manager, Josh Beith: “The customer wanted to do a garage door with a man door on the 30′ x 30′ garage which currently didn’t have one. Doing a man door on a log home with rock veneer on the front is somewhat of an endeavor. So ‘Plan B’ was . . . Can we do a big one-piece door with a big man door in it? The homeowner didn’t quite know what to do; we figured it out from ground zero. Once we thought about a hydraulic door, Schweiss was the first company we started investigating, it was a no-brainer. We…did some engineering with Brent at Schweiss Doors and got it figured out. Somebody inherited a very fancy garage door.”


Our team took on the challenge enthusiastically and helped the client achieve the desired goal. The finished project gained optimal headroom, allowing for a suburban and sports cars to fit. Because of the engineering and location of the hydraulic pump, the finished door also had more insulation than a standard 2” thick wood door would have. The smooth running operation of the door made it optimally efficient and increased the curb appeal and uniqueness of the residence. Overall, despite the initial challenge, it is a project we are very proud of! 

Custom residential hydraulic garage door

Workers from Central Oregon Garage Door company put the finishing touches on installation of the Schweiss 14′ 10″ x 6′ 3″ custom designer hydraulic garage door.

Custom wooden hydraulic garage door
Interior of custom wooden hydraulic garage door
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